Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swim Lessons Week 1...

well these are the best pictures I could get. Not the best but I have to hide and I cannot be at the pool when he is actually swimming. Heard the saying "out of sight out of mind" NOT!! He is not a fan of swim lessons at all. It breaks my heart to hear him as I'm peeking out the door of the pool house and he's screaming crying yelling for mommy. David and I just keep telling ourselves we are only doing this for his safety and well being and because we love him unconditionly... But today was day 4 and we still have another week and maybe possibly another week??? We will see. I think the fourth day was the worst day so far. But he has learned so much and his swim teacher is great! He is floating on his back, blowing bubbles with his mouth, putting his face in for rings, jumping off the side into the pool, and learning alot of pool rules. So we are getting there slowely but surely! As you can see the lessons wear him out! Her he is napping and holding his new "cars" he earned for completing his first week. Ledger mommy, daddy, and Knox are so proud of you! We love you! Hopefully we will be swimming like Nemo soon!

Suckers and Alligators!

My two favorite things..hats and suckers! My Paw Paw brought me this home from the airport in Florida. I think Ledger wore it for two straight days! If I let him he would eat suckers all day long! He's definitely addicted :) His getting so big and he will actually pose and smile for a picture now. My sweet Big boy!

Sip Sip

I sure do love my brothers Juicy!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lost and Found!

We found it!! Yeah!! The blanket was officially left at Mint baby in Houston on Saturday! We were with out it for 4 days. Torture. He loves his bink-a-do to no end! But it arrived yesterday in the mail and we had one happy little boy! We all are so glad its back :)

Ledger, Cam,Knox and alot of swimming!

What a fun day! My cousins little boy Cameron was staying with his grammy (my aunt) for the week so he came and swam with the boys! They had a great time splashing, jumping in from the side, playing cars, and of course eating McDonalds! YUM!!! Ledger really likes his hot pink float as you can see... Knox likes anything! haha! he's always happy :0 Cameron we are so glad you came and spent the day with us! We had a blast! Hope you have fun playing with your cars we brought you! We can't wait till you come back and play with us hopefully real soon! xoxoxo Ledger & Knox!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Knox Reed almost 9 months!

A little update on our sweet Knox! As you can see he loves his toes! He is almost 9 months on July 28th. His first word about a month ago was "bye bye" he can sit up on his own and he is starting to rock a little trying to crawl. Another new thing he does is scream. Like he just heard his voice for the first time scream. If you do it he tries to copy you and do it back. Its really sweet! He loves bath time and swimming his favorite thing to do is splash alot! He loves to eat! He eats all kinds of baby foods and some table samples :) He has two teeth on the bottom and he smiles alot showing them off! He is the most laid back easy going baby ever...he sleeps all night in his own bed in his own room and has been for about 4 months. He has totally completed or happy little family! We love him so much! A few of his nick names are: Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Man (by his daddy) and Kola ( by his mom) and put knox down ( ha! by his brother) and as for his BIG brother...He is coming around on sharing his toys and cars. He loves Knox a whole lot! But ever now and them he doesn't ;/ Your the best Knox hugs and lots of kisses!! Your family

Loft Swimming!

Jordan & Leasa's wedding & our cute Ring Bearer!

Ledger was in first wedding this past weekend. He was the ring bearer in my cousins wedding. He did great and he actually walked down the isle. He had Andie with him and I think that helped! My cousins son Cameron walked as well. So there was 3 total! When we first arrived at the church Ledger was in the middle of his nap....If anyone knows how he is if he's woke up from a nap you would not want to be around! He's extremely grumpy!!! So I was nervous about that. He cried for about 10 minutes then he was fine. The wedding started and he walked! He didn't stay up on the alter the entire wedding. Which I'm glad because he would not have been still up there. After the wedding we headed to the reception and he had a ball! Him, Andie, and Cameron danced their socks off! The dj played his favorite song "Dirty Bit" and he could not contain himself! He even got up on the balcony overlooking the dance floor in front of about 100 people and danced and put on a show! It was so cute! We had a great time and the wedding was beautiful! Enjoy the pictures! Oh yeah Knox was precious of course :) he hung in there almost all night. But as you can see he did take a nap!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Proud cousin

Priceless. Love.

cars, cars, cars

We celebrated Davids birthday by all going to the new Cars 2 movie. Ledger liked it and Knox lasted a little while before he crashed out. It wasn't as good as Cars 1 in my opinion. But of all things to understand about the movie Ledger remembered that Mador(not sure on that spelling. I should know that by now.) had a bomb on him. I thought that was pretty impressive for a 2 year old to catch. David had a great birthday and we enjoyed spending the afternoon with him and a good movie! Happy Birthday daddy! We love you so much! xoxoxo

From the boat to Lauberge!

We had a great day in the boat! Ledger, Knox, and Parker had so much fun! We all rode to Lauberge for a late afternoon lunch. Once we got there we floated the lazy river and hung out on the lawn. Nana and Paw Paw also joined us for the day! We had a few boating issues but we made the best of it and had an awesome day!

The 4th