Monday, May 21, 2012

Few more fun shots lately...

no words for these.....just pure Bliss!!

A Knox Update...

Yes he is always pretty much this happy!  As you can see he's wearing his big boy chain like Ledger.  He never touches it and doesn't mind it at all!  Knox has the funniest expressions and he is starting to say more things like mama,dada,bye bye, ball, and his favorite is ooooh! with the expression on his face to go with it :).  My boys are amazing in their own little ways and have totally different personalities.  Knox you make mommy so proud everyday and you are a great kid that just truly loves life every second of the day!  I'm honored to have you as my son and for you to love me so much!    I love you

I love this Kid!

One of my favorite pictures I did on Instagram.  Ledgers getting so big and acting so grown.  It makes my heart smile and be a little sad at the same time!  No mommy wants their baby to grow up!  He's the sweetest guy I know ( except his daddy and his brother Knox) and each day he exceeds my expectations for how he's so kind, loving, and smart!  Im so very Lucky to have this little man in my life!  I love you!

First Official Hair Cut!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Life's a lollipop

DQ that's what I like about Texas...

Its Tuesday and we both have a chocolate malt from Dairy Queen!!  Life couldn't be tastier!

Candy Monsters...

Ledger and Andie spent the day together in Houston!  They had a great day and got to catch up on some good quality cousin play time!  As you can see they also enjoyed some key-lime mints as well!  Ledger sure does think Andie bug is SWEET!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cupcakes too...

Another yummy part of our Easter was cuppy cakes!!! With bunny heads on them!

Happy Easter!

We had such a great Easter! Im a little late on my post but...better late than never! We went to the lake and had a great and beautiful family weekend! The boys love to be on the boat and Ledger and David fished for the first time together! Even though they never caught anything they still had a blast! Ledger was so proud to help daddy cast the pole! And Knox well he was just along for the ride! I sure do love my boys!! xoxoxo Mom-

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cutest Gangsta ever!

Ledger and his Daddy snuck off at the galleria on Saturday while we were shopping....this is what he came back wearing. He was so proud to have a hat just like daddy! He's been telling us for weeks he wanted a hat. I love it Ledger! its the coolest. Gangsta lean!

Hummer wash...

Daddy's big helper!!

Boys will be boys...

We went and spent the day with maw maw Reed and nanny Phyllis while she was on spring break. The boys were loving ever minute of it. Sticks, dogs, tractors, big golf carts, and a whole lot of love! what more could they want!!!


Sometimes we like each other but sometimes we want to fight! But we always make up and we never hold a grudge...Beckett you know I love you :)

Boat Day Fun Day!!

The boys had so much fun! Ledger thought we were going to the "beach in the boat" it was cute! I had 3 captains on my ship! I felt pretty safe and lucky! :)