Monday, March 26, 2012

Cutest Gangsta ever!

Ledger and his Daddy snuck off at the galleria on Saturday while we were shopping....this is what he came back wearing. He was so proud to have a hat just like daddy! He's been telling us for weeks he wanted a hat. I love it Ledger! its the coolest. Gangsta lean!

Hummer wash...

Daddy's big helper!!

Boys will be boys...

We went and spent the day with maw maw Reed and nanny Phyllis while she was on spring break. The boys were loving ever minute of it. Sticks, dogs, tractors, big golf carts, and a whole lot of love! what more could they want!!!


Sometimes we like each other but sometimes we want to fight! But we always make up and we never hold a grudge...Beckett you know I love you :)

Boat Day Fun Day!!

The boys had so much fun! Ledger thought we were going to the "beach in the boat" it was cute! I had 3 captains on my ship! I felt pretty safe and lucky! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Play date a little late...

That's a couch full!!! Oldest to youngest...oh well they are all very cute and SWEET!! We had a blast with all these little guys and one little Queen :)

Spaghetti Warehouse

The boys love love spaghetti! Its like there favorite meal. As you can see it is pretty messy...We went to the spaghetti warehouse in downtown Houston last weekend. We just knew the boys would do it up!! Knox isn't in the picture but he enjoyed it just as much! Actually I'm not real sure what Knox likes more the spaghetti or the salad!! My son is obsessed with salad....or anything green...cucumbers, lettuce, bell peppers, pickles. Where does this kid come from??? What kiddo likes his or her greens?!!!