Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sneak peak...

Well the shirts say it all! Yes my baby is about to be ONE!!! Wow it goes by so fast. Ledger three just blows my mind. Mrs. Erin took some awesome pictures of the boys on a beautiful day! Cake pictures of Knox to come...I'll just say I think he enjoyed his first taste of CAKE!!!

Got Candy?

Its a challenge these days to take a picture when both boys are looking. So i tried several different times to get a few shots! I love love the Halloween season as you can tell...we are in our Halloween pj's every night! Ledger and Knox are both becoming so much fun. They are really starting to play together and hang out. But don't get me wrong they do still have fights. Mainly Ledger aggravating Knox and not sharing his monster trucks. But thats ok Knox is learning how to hold his own. Ledger loves him but at times can be a little sneaky. When Ledger's laughing Knox usually isn't...Still to come some pictures of Knox WALKING!!! It just started and so did the bruises...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Today we took some of Knox's 1st birthday pictures and Ledger's 3rd birthday pictures. It was kind of sad my baby is going to be 3!! It goes by way to fast. We had the perfect weather for Mrs' Erin to take the pictures. I think we got some really cute ones! Stay tuned we will have more shortly. This was just a little teaser!! You think Knox liked his Cake??!!

It's beginning to look like Fall!

Monster Trucks...

Ledger lately has this obsession with Monster Trucks. He takes them everywhere we go.. We bath with them, eat with them, yes and even sleep with them...This is him about 10 o clock the other night with all of his trucks very close by in bed. Its so crazy how little boys love cars and trucks. We for sure have plenty at the Hinds residence!