Friday, January 27, 2012

Monster Jam!!

What fun we had!! Santa brought the boys tickets to see the Monster Jam Rally in Houston at Reliant! ledger had a ball! If you don't already know ledger is major into Monster Trucks right now! Grave Digger is one of the trucks that he plays with and he was actually there at the show!! It was his 30th anniversary as a monster truck so that made the show even better!! They had a firework show and everything when he came out!! Ledger thought that was just the coolest thing ever!!! Knox was great to he kept his earphones on most of the time and when they were off he wasn't scared of the noise! As you can see they had on their Monster Truck t-shirts compliments of Nana! Thanks Nana we sure did look cool! Thanks also "Santa" for the awesome tickets!! Always having fun! xoxoxo Ledger and Knox!

T R O U B L E.....

All the boys had a little cousin time this week...and this is what happened!!! lol xoxoxo

Spaghetti its whats for dinner!

We've been staying with CeCe and Pop for these past couple days. Our daddy had to go out of town for work. The boys love Pop's spaghetti and meatballs! They both requested that he cook them some. Can You Tell Knox Enjoyed it?!! I couldn't resist this face!!

Sad Saints...Happy Saints

Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Brother's

Just been hanging out all day at home....with my brother. Its been a slow day but a fun one. We haven't even got dressed today. Oh well it's the weekend!! Happy Happy friday! xoxoxo the Hinds boys!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Friend..

Benjamin "Dutch" Dwight as arrived!! He weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces and he was born December 29th at 3:51 in the afternoon. He is so perfect and absolutely adorable!! Welcome to the world we love you! Your new cousins Ledger and Knox! P.S. can't wait to play cars!

Wore out...

Had to end the Holiday postings with this...Ledger fell asleep just like this while I was blow drying my hair. I came into the room and found him. So Funny! The next day Knox feel asleep in his new Chair Santa brought him. So sweet but so Sleepy.... My boys are Holiday'ed out!!! xoxoxo until next year :)

Cookies for Santa!

Ledger was a great baker...He did an awesome job and was very proud! He also wrote Santa a really nice letter! Bliss.....

Thanks Santa!!

The night before christmas...

Ledger was a lot of fun this Christmas! He was really into it! We had to read our new story we got from Jamie right before Santa passed! Thanks Garrett and Jamie! We love our book :)

Snowman Pancakes with friends

Ok as you can see I'm way behind on blogging! I'm trying to play catch up! We have had a lot of Christmas activities these past few weeks. Ledger and Knox got invited to make snowman pancakes at Stella's house on Christmas Eve day! Ledger really enjoyed it and he made the perfect pancake! Take a look at his creation!