Monday, September 26, 2011

Road Trip!

Well we all took a bus ride to surprise Nana at the airport in Houston! Ledger was so excited to ride the bus and Knox and Jett enjoyed their first ride as well! Nana was so excited to see all of us at the airport. After picking her up Paw Paw took us all to eat at Pappasito's Yum Yum! We had a great time! Happy Thursday :)

Little Beckham...

Like my Hair? Cool isn't?

Big Boy!!

Ledger is getting so big!! We switched his four wheeler from the slow speed to the faster speed! He did great at driving it but every now and then I had to remind him to watch were he was going! He almost hit the car a few times lol! Mommy, daddy , and Knox are so proud of you!!!

Babysitting Jett!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Orange Water??

Don't you like our orange water? I got the boys these die tablets for bath time and they love them! We have different color water every night. Knox enjoyed them so much that he decided to eat one of the orange tablets...He had a orange tongue and i'm sure it didn't taste very good either. The boys have so much fun in the tub splishing and a splashing! Its funny how they both have their own look. Knox's is still changing so much! As for Ledger...well we all know who he looks like??!!

Grocery shopping Sunday...

We needed a few thing at the store so we headed there in our buggy! Thats scary for Knox...Look who his driver is....But you can see he didn't mind it one bit! I can't believe he actually fit in that little buggy. Knox sure does love his big brother!!!


We spent this past Saturday with Jett! He was so sweet and cute as you can see! Ledger and Knox enjoyed a yummy lunch with him and then we visited Target and the mall. We had a full day of fun activities! Here he is chilling with his mo mo in the front seat while his mommy ran into Dillard's. Ledger and Knox where entertaining him from the backseat! Happy Happy Saturday :)

Nana and her oldest and youngest...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More play..

Well we went to the Galleria for a little shopping with four kids...What were we thinking? After some lunch at our favorite spot Nordstroms Cafe, some shopping, and a stop at Dylan's Candy Bar we were all ready for a little play break! The kids had fun running around and letting out some much needed energy! I never got a pic of Beckett he was way to fast and was crawling and climbing everywhere! But I sure did manage to get some of Andie and Ledger! Hope you enjoy as much as they did!!

Andie & Ledger

We went to Tomball for a day and night and Andie started soccer practice that day. She was so proud of her "soccer gear" and Ledger was too. He needed cleats and a soccer ball to! Andie did great at her first practice and Ledger enjoyed it as well. He thought he was on the team and he even ran around and kicked his ball with the big kids. It was so cute to see him so excited!! Looks like we will be signing up for soccer next season!! Here's a few pics before we headed to practice.

"Knoxy Boy"

Car, Cars, and more Cars!