Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Dad we hope you had a great day! It was dad's day all day on Sunday. We had a fun filled day from boat washing to a new soccer net. Ledger sure has enjoyed his new net. Me and the boys made David this very special banner! It has been proudly hanging since Friday so we made it fathers day last all weekend! I don't even know where to start on how great our daddy is. He is always there for us and always loving. I hope he enjoyed his special day because he sure did deserve it! It was so cute that Ledger learned how to say "happy fathers day" and he told everyone we saw all weekend. Haha even our neighbors :) Happy Fathers day to all those dads out there!!


Ledger and Knox had so much fun playing with Rylee. We love you girl :)

LA Trip Fun!

We had so much fun! Lauren and Blake went with us celebrate their anniversary to. David and I just had 7 years on June 12th. It has been the best 7 years of my life :) Its even better now that we have the boys! I love you David! Thanks

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Me and my daddy

Wow what do I say...This is pretty obvious how much they look alike! Davids mom put this together and sent this to me. I almost couldn't tell them apart!!! This was so cute and they are throwing the exact same fit. Everything about ledger is so David. They look alike they walk alike and they both have the same little hinny!! (David want appreciate that one). Knox must get his good looks from his momma!! I love all the men in my life. Im so lucky :)

Jett and his BIG cousin...

This picture is priceless. He really is this tiny and mine really is this Big! HaHa! We sure do love our new cousin!

Painting + Nana = FUN

Ledger's first painting lesson with his Nana. He actually didn't get to messy with it. As you can see he really enjoyed it. Thanks Nana for my paints!!

CeCe Fun!

Great Day! We are so glad she's retired!!!

Chicken a friend and Love

Yum Yum give me some! Our sweet little neighbor Meg had never been to Chick fa lay. Probably not the right spelling...I should know by now how to spell it... Ledger and Knox had to be the first to bring Meg to the restaurant. We had a great day and we have the best most sweetest neighbor any one could ask for! She's great! Thanks Meg! I love you, Ledger & Knox :)

8 months on the 28th...

Our sweet,chubby,lover man!!